Nicole Schoeneberg


Elementary Teacher by day, Nicole is always busy after the bell rings. On the weekends, you'll find her somewhere in the mountains, either foraging for fresh ingredients, mountain biking or backcountry skiing.




High School teacher by day, and superwoman by night, Hilary tackles the role of restaurant wife, maman, yoga instructor and entrepreneur with apparent ease. She finds her balance during long trail runs and while galavanting with her giant dog.

We started our kombucha journey together in the Spring of 2018, in the most amazing northern city, Whitehorse.

Its hard to describe the spell of the Yukon (although Robert Service does a great job), with its endless mountain views and pristine natural environment. So many possibilities and adventures to pursue!

The simplicity and enjoyment that comes from living here really influenced our brewing passion: to connect people with nature, and with each other.